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Comprehensive Property Management

With our all-inclusive service, we take care of every aspect of your property — from maintenance and repairs to cleaning and security. We ensure your property is operating at peak efficiency and safety, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: your core business.

Creating Safer, Healthier Environments

Our priority is to create workspaces that aren’t just functional, but also clean, safe, and conducive to health and productivity. We adhere to strict safety protocols and apply the highest standards of hygiene, ensuring optimal health conditions for you and your team.

Tailored Solutions for Your Workspace

We understand that every home and business is unique, with distinct needs and requirements. That’s why we offer custom-tailored facility management solutions that suit your specific needs, enabling you to run your home or operations smoothly and efficiently.

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Your Trusted Partner in Property Care

We, at Environ Facility Management, believe in not just enhancing, but elevating the spaces you inhabit. Our suite of comprehensive services aims to take the stress and worry out of maintaining and managing your property.

To us, it’s more than a job—it’s a commitment to excellence.

Optimal Operations, Powered by Us

We provide expert facility management services that streamline your operations, boost efficiency, and reduce costs. With us managing your property, you can focus on driving your business forward with the assurance that your facilities are in capable hands.

Creating Comfortable, Efficient Workspaces

Our dedicated services focus on creating a comfortable and efficient workspace that empowers your team’s productivity. We handle everything, from cleaning and maintenance to space optimization, ensuring your workspace is not only functional, but also a conducive place for your staff to excel.

20k+ clients

Across Kerala

Our Experience

Innovating Environments, Transcending Ambitions

We at Environ pride ourselves on exceptional performance and unmatched experience in the field of facility management. Through our tailor-made solutions, we transform offices into productive, comfortable, and safe workspaces, and houses into exceptional homes.

Our clients trust us not just for our proficiency, but for our commitment to quality service.

Experience the Environ difference – let us exceed your expectations.


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“Their comprehensive property management service truly lifted the burden of maintenance from our backs.”

Anjali Haridasan

Director, Client Works LLC

“Fantastic Experience! They have transformed our office into a safer, more comfortable place for our team.”

Jisha Babu

FMD, Fremya LLC

“Exceptional Service! Their attention to detail enhanced our homes significantly, addressing our unique needs with ease.”

Jahir Rahman

Real Estate Owner

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Environ Facility Management

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We have a solution for every structure

No matter the size or purpose of your structure, we have the perfect facility management solution awaiting you. Boost your efficiency, ensure optimum safety, and enjoy a comfortable, superbly managed workspace or home by sending an inquiry right away.

Here are some frequently asked questions

Remember, Environ Facility Management is here to provide solutions to all your property care needs. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions!

Why should I choose Environ Facility Management for my property care needs?

We provide comprehensive, and tailored services that ensure the smooth running and cleanliness of your property. Our proven track record and industry reputation speak volumes about our commitment to quality. We value our customers, their satisfaction is our top priority.

What kind of cleaning services does Environ Facility Management offer?

We provide a plethora of cleaning services ranging from carpet and sofa shampooing to commercial kitchen cleaning. We also offer annual cleaning contracts which ensure your property is kept pristine throughout the year.

Does Environ Facility Management offer housekeeping contracts?

You bet we do! We provide housekeeping contracts both with and without machines depending on the specific needs and demands of your property. We work with you to develop a personalized plan that suits your budget and quality expectations.

I am running a hospital, or a hotel! Can Environ Facility Management handle the housekeeping tasks?

Absolutely! At Environ Facility Management, we understand the importance of a clean, sterile environment in a hospital setting. Our trained professionals adhere to strict standards of cleanliness and hygiene to ensure a safe health care environment.

Moreover, our team is professionally trained and has hands-on experience with hotel housekeeping tasks. We ensure your premises always look welcoming to your guests, and function optimally for your staff.

My property has a commercial kitchen. Can Environ Facility Management handle commercial kitchen cleaning?

Absolutely, that is one of our specialties! Commercial kitchens require different cleaning protocols, and we are fully equipped to handle such specific requirements. We understand the importance of hygiene in such settings and our team is trained to leave your kitchen spotless and sanitary.